Society’s Symposia

Symposium: What is ‘Man’ in the Early Modern  Period? 

image man

Wednesday 15 April (Week 10), Buchanan Building 305, 5-7pm

Dr Emma Herdman (Department of French)
‘“Nous pleurons souvant la perte des bestes que nous aymons, ainsi font elles la nostre”: Anthropomorphic Birds in Renaissance France.’

Ms Julianne Mentzer (School of English)
‘“Fellowships in Vice: Persuasive Speech in the Drama of early modern London”’

Dr James Harris (Department of Philosophy)
‘David Hume (1711-1776): the philosopher as man of letters’

Enquiries: Dr Marine Ganofsky (mg216) and Ms Julianne Mentzer (jm284)

Symposium: Printing and Telling Stories

image moliere

Wednesday 4 March (Week 6), Buchanan Building 216, 5-7pm

Dr Jan Alessandrini (School of History)
‘‘Companions and Carousers: Conviviality in German Early Modern Tales (1555-1565)’

Dr Flavia Bruni (School of History)
‘Books beyond Boundaries: the Roman Ban on Basel’

Ms Ann Gunn (School of Art History)
‘”The Fire of Faction”: Paul Sandby, William Hogarth and the Treaty of Paris 1763’

Symposium: Blending Disciplines, Reconciling Perspectives


Wednesday 19 November, Buchanan Building 216, 5-7pm

Ms Florence Hazrat (School of English)
‘Refrains in Music and Poetry of the Sixteenth Century’

Dr Julia Prest (Department of French)
‘Social Relations in the Theatres of Saint-Domingue’

Mr Leslie Stevenson (Department of Philosophy)
‘Kant VS Christianity?’

Symposium: Vice and Virtue in the Early Modern Period 

vice and virtue

Friday 25 April, Lawson Room, Kennedy Hall, 5-7pm

Dr Matthew Augustine (School of English)
‘Trading Places: Lord Rochester, the Laureate, and the Making of Literary Reputation’

Dr Ulrike Weiss (School of Art History)
‘”The Queen in Breeches” –Caroline Matilda of Denmark on horseback’

Dr Jens Timmermann (Department of Moral Philosophy)
‘Kant on Conscience’

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