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The St Andrews Early Modern Society Coffeehouse Discussions

Mitchell’s, South Street, 1pm

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Coffeehouse Discussion 4: Diplomacy and Festival Culture

Bal des noces de Joyeuse (1581)

Wednesday 11 May, 2016: Mitchell’s on South Street, 1pm

Hosted by: Bram van Leuveren (and Julianne Mentzer)

  • Watanabe-O’Kelly, Helen. ‘Early Modern European Festivals – Politics and Performance, Event and Record’.

  • Barker, Sheila and Tessa  Gurney. ‘House Left, House Right: A Florentine Account of Marie de Medicis Ballet de Madame

  • Knecht, R. J. ‘Court Festivals as Political Spectacle: The Example of Sixteenth-Century France’

  • Extract of Bram van Leuveren’s work, ‘Seven Dutch Provinces in Search of a King: Diplomatic (In)hospitality at the Court of Henri III, January-March 1585’

Coffeehouse Discussion 3: Cymbeline and its Sources


Wednesday 2 December, 2015: Jannetta’s Gelateria, 1pm

Hosted by: Peter Sutton (and Julianne Mentzer)

  • Deanne Williams’s essay, ‘Shakespearean Medievalism and the Limits of Periodization in Cymbeline
  • Translations of two of the tales in Boccaccio’s Decameron: sources of Cymbeline
  • Cymbeline William Shakespeare (1610)


Coffeehouse Discussion 2: ‘Criminality: Crime and Punishment’

Screen shot 2015-05-05 at 1.17.46 PM

Wednesday 13 May, 2015: Mitchell’s on South Street, 1pm

Hosted by: Ted Bergman (and Julianne Mentzer)

  • Selection from the Spanish play Celestina : or, The Tragi-comedy of Calisto and Melibea By Fernando de Rojas (d. 1541); trans. James Mabbe (1572-1642?)
  • La Celestina and the Popularization of Graphic Criminal Violence” Dr. Ted L. L. Bergman
  • Images from Celestina
  • Deeds against nature and monsters by kinde… (London, 1614)

Coffeehouse Discussion: ‘Early Modern Bad Boys’

coffehouse picture

Wednesday 8 April 2015: Mitchell’s on South Street, 1pm

Hosted by: Julianne Mentzer (and Marine Ganofsky)

  • Alexandra Shepard, ‘“Swil-bols and Tos-pots”: Drink Culture and Male Bonding in England, c.1560-1640’
  • Hogarth, The Rake’s Progress
  • Greene, “Defence of Cony-catching”
  • Casanova, Story of my Life (1790-1798): ‘1746: I Turn Out A Worthless Fellow’

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