Welcome to St Andrews Early Modern Society!

The University of St Andrews represents an exceptionally thriving hub for early modern studies, with more than 70 scholars whose research spans the early Renaissance period through the eighteenth century. From Italian literature to Reformation studies, from baroque architecture to Enlightenment philosophy, from Bach to Montaigne to Catherine the Great to the libertine Earl of Rochester, our community can pride itself on both the depth and the breadth of its expertise.

The early modernists of St Andrews form a truly interdisciplinary group of specialists and enthusiasts in various stages of their career, spread across a dozen schools but united by a common passion for this exceptional period in history.

The St Andrews Early Modern Society aims to pay tribute to this variety of interests. The Society’s ambition is to connect each and every one of us early modernists by providing our community with a platform to share research, projects, and news as well as by organising opportunities to meet during term time.

The Society convenes a series of Symposia: at least once a term, a panel made up of colleagues presents their latest research on a common topic such as ‘vice and virtue’ or ‘Defining “Man” in the early modern period’. Additionally, true to the seventeenth- and eighteenth-century tradition of coffeehouse discussions of politics, philosophy, and literature in a warm and caffeine-fuelled atmosphere, the Society also organises a similar informal meeting group. Each time, a selection of early modern texts, artworks, and/or scholarship will be offered for our discussion, assessment, and even dispute. Our first Coffeehouse Meeting at Mitchell’s will be the chance to address the topic of ‘the early modern bad boy: representing rakes, rogues and scoundrels’ from Renaissance drinking culture to the moralistic images of William Hogarth.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like:

  • To join our mailing list about early modern events in St Andrews and/or feature on the People’s page of the society
  • To advertise any news (be it an event or an output) on our website and in the Society’s bulletin
  • To present a paper at one of our next symposia
  • To suggest any topic or document for our future Coffeehouse Meetings

We look forward to hearing from you, and to meeting you at one of the next early modern events in St Andrews!

Marine Ganofsky and Julianne Mentzer

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